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helloooo my name is rose aka baked bean. all my life i've been creating. coloring books, doodles on my homework, my little pony fan art, diy american girl doll furniture, shitty mother's day gifts, you name it. it took enough people in my life telling me i'm good at it and being shoved into art classes at the YMCA for me to eventually end up in art school (spoiler: i dropped out). now, i'm just navigating my way thru life the best i can & trying to create even more art along the way. enjoy!!!!!! xoxo

Question For Creator: What is one person, place or thing that has had a significant impact on your creative process, artistic taste, or personal life?

the pure mundane nature of life is what truly inspires me and has left a huge impact on the way I think & create. growing up in the Midwest plays a pretty big role in this, obviously. I used to hate living here. I thought that one day I would move away to a big, bright city and somehow that would make my life more exciting. which, maybe it would, but I don't see myself having the money to make that happen in a very long time. so, after 18 years of living in the suburbs of Ohio, I realized that if I wasn't going to change my environment any time soon, I might as well try to enjoy it. I started romanticizing every boring, routine, average, and even sad part of my life. This led to a newfound love & appreciation for all the same things I would usually overlook. the rides to school on a gloomy morning, the Friday nights spent sitting in a Walmart parking lot with friends because there's nothing else left to do, lying down in the grass on a sunny day, driving in circles around the neighborhood with my brother, passing by the many, many cornfields, staying up late enough to watch the sunrise, and even crying in my bedroom while listening to sad music. I began to fall in love with life and the little moments that came along with it. my art is more like a coping mechanism to me. I take all my frustration and sadness attached to the mundane, depressing qualities of life, and shift them into a world that seems more desirable. and with brighter colors.

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angsty coming of age movie soundtrack

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