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Hey, I'm Joe. I'm a Software Engineer during the workday and a Photographer and Creative in my free time.

Photography is my primary creative outlet but I also dabble in writing, sewing, and cooking. I find being able to create something from scratch to be one of the more satisfying things in life . . . right after sharing or collaborating in a creative endeavor, whether that be working on a project with another creative or making a meal for loved ones.

I appreciate Indian food, Jazz music, and the desert.

Question For Creator: What is one person, place or thing that has had a significant impact on your creative process, artistic taste, or personal life?

With the chaos and uncertainty that 2020 has brought, I've found a lot of peace through Stoicism. Stoicism was a philosophy started by a man named Zeno about 300 BC, some of the most notable figures are Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. While Stoicism has many useful angles and mindsets, the one that helped me most this year was the idea that a person can control basically nothing except his own self. As one can imagine, this idea is especially applicable to this year and so I looked inward at myself.

Instead of focusing on all the other chaos and asked myself a simple question: what's the best I can do in this situation? I tried to be kind to people, understand their opinions on controversial topics, and generally be empathetic. I'm not claiming to have done some heroic effort of any sort, but from my perspective I felt a reduced anxiety.

This looking at myself also allowed me to tune out some of the social pressures that come with photography and image-making; in short, I started to take photos I wanted to take, instead of shooting photos of what I "should" take photos of. I also started to develop my own photos at home, which gave me even more control over the end product. And the result of this was a style which I hope is conveyed through my photos.

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A playlist created with the intention of highlighting female artists outside of the realm of popular music. The genre is something like Soul/Neo-Soul with elements of Jazz, Dream Pop, and Dance.