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I tend to feel disconnected with pieces of mine that are too clean, precise or pretty. I feel like my art echoes what my mind sees, and working with mixed medias is the best way for me to portray that. My main focuses of creation are painting, writing poetry, cooking, singing, and playing instruments. I try to use everyday tasks and experiences as forms of expression.

Question For Creator: What is one person, place or thing that has had a significant impact on your creative process, artistic taste, or personal life?

I think discovering the importance of balance between keeping to myself, and sharing myself with others has impacted my creative process and taste. Realizing that what I create is mine and will always be mine empowers me; but the ability to share my creations and my thought process also inspires me to be even more authentic. I hope to provoke emotions of all perspectives in any way that I can, and maybe even confusion within all of my work, no matter what that may look like. I also think that this pushes me to be able to share with others, art that I feel needs to be seen. As a black woman, the constant feeling of not being accepted is familiar to me, but through art, I can create my own voice, and work to be able to share a part of that with others in whatever they allow me.

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