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Hello, my name is Cecelia (Cece for short) and I am a writer, tarot reader, and friend to all. My main hobbies include reading, yoga, baking, and growing plants--I am an aspiring botanist. My favorite moments in this life have been those spent amongst the grass and the birds, and learning about each of them. For people who like knowing signs, I am a Virgo sun with a Pisces moon. The purpose of my creative practices are for renewal-- becoming my most present and authentic self. Typically for me this looks like taking walks, focusing on each of my senses, and letting the warmth in my heart be expressed through whatever free flowing lines end up written on a page or verbalized in a conversation with the trees and sky around and above me.

Question For Creator: What is one person, place or thing that has had a significant impact on your creative process, artistic taste, or personal life?

Shifting the focus from my external world to my internal world has completely changed my poetry, life-style, and overall mindset. For one thing, my poetry, which once tried too hard to display the proper amount of drama or pain has become a humble way to communicate with myself, heal old wounds, and express my gratitude for the world around me in earnest. The most helpful tool on this path back to myself has been connecting with the Tarot. I have been reading Tarot for about 3 years, but have really strengthened my intuition and overall feelings of connectedness when diving deeper into the Tarot this year. The visuals and symbols displayed on each of my decks connects to ancient archetypes and shared experiences through different cultures and religions. Being able to recognize these universal connections has caused a metamorphosis in the way I send and receive love to those around me. We are each pieces in this electric puzzle buzzing with life.

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