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I am an artist, writer, and queer person wandering around Cincinnati Ohio for now. My practice is largely focused on navigating the emotionally turbulent human experience and expressing this in a vulnerable and honest way. My work is a direct extension of myself; my grief, my joys, my hope. This is how I connect with others and process living. I aim to create a universe of refuge through shaky lines, squiggles, bright colors, flat genderless bodies, and funky bubble letters.

Question For Creator: What is one person, place or thing that has had a significant impact on your creative process, artistic taste, or personal life?

Something that has a significant impact on my artistic practice is going on walks. It seems like such a simple thing, but walks are like food for me. If I feel stuck, I know a walk will give me everything I need. I always take away something different; it might be words spoken by a stranger I pass on the street, an orange peel I see on the side of the road, a good tree, birdsong. There’s always something, and it always feels like an offering from something bigger than myself. Walks give me words, stories, images, color, composition. With each step these unfold in front of me. Walks are meditative. They force me to slow down. I don’t drive, and when anyone asks why I just tell them that driving gives me anxiety and I can’t afford a car anyway. Which is true. I have anxiety and I’m broke as shit, but to be completely honest I just enjoy taking my time getting around. I value slow paces. Walks allow me to expel my worries and focus on what’s right in front of me. Outside, close to nature, is where I feel most authentic and confident. Walks keep me face to face with the natural world, which is where I find solace and a deep connection with all living beings. Walks are one way of honoring the earth and feeling at home here. You become acquainted with the trees on a certain street. You know where that one crack in the sidewalk is that always tries to trip you. You learn the language of the world that buzzes around you. I happened to come across this quote while thinking about the importance of walks in my life: “Walking, ideally, is a state in which the mind, the body, and the world are aligned, as though they were three characters finally in conversation together, three notes suddenly making a chord. Walking allows us to be in our bodies and in the world without being made busy by them. It leaves us free to think without being wholly lost in our thoughts.” - Rebecca Solint

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