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I go by Ink party. I've been drawing with pens and pencils since I was a kid in my mom's chiropractic office. My work over the past few years has evolved and changed a lot as I've been growing up. I mostly use various brands of brush pens and microns with my recent work but I also do acrylic paintings that I keep to myself. I draw scenes and people from all over the world to bring inspiration from different cultures and locations.

Question For Creator: What is one person, place or thing that has had a significant impact on your creative process, artistic taste, or personal life?

About two years ago I began to experiment with tracing images over a light table. This has evolved into a more free-thinking process for completing a drawing, where I can edit a drawing in person, rather than just on photoshop. The one place that has had a huge influence on my artistic style is Duttenhoffers bookstore in Clifton. When I began to experiment more with different tracing/overlay methods, I needed images to pull from. I started going to Duttenhoffers about once a week, finding a different book each week. I would find books on architecture, photography, and design. It is something that 100% gives me the inspiration to get started on a new drawing. To me, it is very similar to a music artist going to a record shop to find samples.

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